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Does this award raise new arguments?

Does this award raise new arguments?

Walking problem! The award could widen the gap between Prince Harry and Prince William.

The basics in brief

  • With Prince Harry and Prince William, the grace of the house is still quirky.
  • Now Harry and Meghan Markle receive an award.
  • This should make William shake his head.

If they don’t get into a fight with themselves, others will fuel the controversy!

It is known that there has been a crack between Prince William (39) and Prince Harry (36) for a long time. There are neither talks nor meetings to unveil the statue of Diana nor can Duchess Kate, 39, positively influence the dispute.

Now another external circumstance is fueling the bad relationship between the two brothers. This time the prize creates a bad mood!

Prince Harry and his wife should have this Meghan Markle (39), as the English newspaper “Daily Mail” wrote. Accordingly, the non-profit organization Population Issues will honor Harry and Meghan.

For ‘informed decision’ – which is no longer active Royals To have only two children.

Excuse me? You read that right!

This Sunday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle He won the award. By their behavior, they will affect me Environment And reduce the climate “significantly”, they say.

What a criticism of the English royal family. Because Prince William and his wife Kate have three children. Next to Prince George (7), they also have Princess Charlotte (6) and son of Louis (3).

What do you think of Harry and Meghan award?

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