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Does CS have a second Thiam with Horta-Osorio?

With Antonio Horta-Osorio, the fun stops when you talk about tennis lessons. Then his will rings Saturday Storm LawyersTo correct the image of the Sun King.

Do you succeed? As a CS captain, Horta-Osorio broke a lot of dishes in just 5 months. Recently highlighted Breadth in the Financial Times against its CEO.

Thomas Gotstein is unable to operationally manage the big bank, so Horta through his McKinsey ally. But if you help him, maybe he will grow with the mission.

can play golfSRF)

Things don’t get any worse. Gotstein should have thrown his resignation on the table immediately for his boss’s sake.

Didn’t the Swiss, but Horta Osorio whispered today In “balance sheet” Good Leader Song. “Thomas Gottstein has the confidence of the board of directors,” said CS President.

Furthermore: “Leadership qualities such as those of Gotstein are ‘extremely important in difficult times like those the Bank has had recently’.”

That’s enough for Manager-Magazin to make peace, joy and pancakes at the top of CS. “CS chief strengthens Thomas Gotstein’s back,” so the balance sheet title.

genuinely? Horta Osorio cleans Gotstein like a disciple in front of the whole world, and now the two must be one heart and one soul?

Tony and Tommy through thick and thin (balance sheet)

The fiasco is due to the new governor at Paradeplatz. An insider says he should use the company’s plane for his needs.

The behavior is reminiscent of Thiam’s crowns. Gottstein’s ancestor acted like a sun god. In the end, he fell because of his belief in omnipotence.

In Horta, the observer identifies a similar behaviour. However, the position of “Le CS, c’est moi” with the Portuguese has now reached the top: in the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to Tages-Anzeiger Gotstein is still in danger. Once Horta decides on his new strategy, “he will have to answer the question again whether he wants to implement it with the old boss or whether he needs new employees to do it.”