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“Do you understand the fun?”: An embarrassing breakdown at the Barbara Schöneberger premiere

“Do you understand the fun?”: An embarrassing breakdown at the Barbara Schöneberger premiere

Updated 4/4/2022 8:20 AM

  • On the first broadcast of Barbara Schonberger (48 years old) as a new presenter of Do You Understand the Fun? Everything did not go according to plan.
  • At the beginning of the show, television viewers could not hear any sound.
  • The error can only be corrected after a few minutes.

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Ironically, in the first minutes of Barbara Schöneberger (48) Film Premiere as Introduction to Do You Understand the Fun? Audio output. was for a minute Schoenberger Can’t be heard on the Saturday night live show on the first when she sang, danced, and directed the show for the first time. “By the way, we briefly had problems with the sound at first,” the 48-year-old explained to her viewers – she asked the actors and showed the guests Hans Sigel (“Der Bergdoktor”): “I’ve been rehearsing this song for months. Didn’t you hear it?”

“Do you understand the fun?”: sounds only after a few minutes

Schönberger wore the sparkly light blue jumpsuit she had initially worn and sang with the dancers. The audio was working again a few minutes after the crash.

Schöneberger welcomed Paula Felix as the first guestwho ran the Saturday Evening Show with her husband Kurt from 1983 to 1990 and cheated Schönberger on her premiere during the performance tour.

In addition to actor Sigl, twins Lisa and Lena, artist couple Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarella and former figure skating racer Martina Ertel were also guests. (mss/dpa)

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In December, after eleven years as supervisor, Guido Kantz heard “Do you understand the fun?” On. Another famous TV face who will take over from 2022: Barbara Schonberger. These fellows also feel very comfortable on the television stage.

teaser picture: © dpa / Jörg Carstensen / dpa