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Do the Swiss perform foreign military service in Ukraine?

The military judiciary is investigating six people

Almost thirty Swiss are fighting in Ukraine

It seems that more than 30 people from Switzerland are serving at the front in Ukraine. A man from Bern says that the difficulties are great, the Russians are shooting nonstop. The military judiciary is investigating several people on suspicion of performing military service abroad.


In Ukraine, many foreigners are fighting against the Russians – including the Swiss.

Almost thirty Swiss are fighting in Ukraine against the Russian invaders. Including a citizen with dual citizenship between Switzerland and Ukraine, such Sunday newspaper mentioned. The volunteer is reporting major hardships. The dual citizen who grew up in Bern was quoted as saying: “Some collapse and have to leave the front.”

The 28-year-old had already come to the Ukrainian Embassy in Vienna in March as a volunteer fighter in the International Corps for the Defense of Ukraine. After checking his papers, he was instructed to continue traveling. In Ukraine he completed extensive training in anti-tank systems and machine guns. “We took them apart and put them back together. So the knobs would turn on automatically.”