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DKI Hospital collects problem cases in German hospitals

DKI Hospital collects problem cases in German hospitals

Association registered at the German Hospital Institute
On 05/09/22

Currently, 93% of German hospitals do not feel sufficiently supported by the federal government. Considering the highly stressed staff situation and the economic situation, they consider that there is an urgent need for fundamental structural and financial reform in the hospital sector.

This is the result of a survey in the hospital complex of the German Hospital Institute (DKI), an online tool for quick surveys on current topics. Across Germany, 274 hospitals with 50 or more beds participated in the representative survey.

In the current situation, increases in material prices have particularly affected homes. Almost no hospital can permanently fund current cost increases from regular revenue. In addition, 87% of homes have not been able to build sufficient reserves in the past two years. Therefore, the liquidity situation in hospitals is currently very tense.

For PDF file with full results, please click over here.

Information and participation form for the DKI hospital complex can be found → over here.

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