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District Brook – World Cup in Qatar: Thumbs up for Australia

The soccer World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner, and that means for fans: fingers crossed in front of the television. “Unfortunately, Austria is not there,” Martin Matzinger likes to enthuse about the red-white-red.

But Huntsheimer, who is the head coach of the football team in his home community, has the second option, and for a reason. “My friend and neighbor Harry Wagner is Australian. We will watch the World Cup with him and will definitely give our all for his home country.

The mandatory date is November 22 at 8 p.m. The “soccers,” as the kickers from the Kangaroo continent are called, play their opening game against France. “I look forward to exciting games,” said Matzinger, who, as a football fan, doesn’t want to miss a match.

Dejan Mladeno will also cheer in front of the television. SV Schwechat’s sporting director is excited to see how the World Cup will affect him during the winter months. “I am really looking forward to Germany vs. Spain, Brazil vs. Serbia and Belgium vs. Croatia,” said the soccer fan, who watches the games at home with his family.