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Disputed decisions against FCB – FC Basel suffers with these three scenes – Sport

Disputed decisions against FCB – FC Basel suffers with these three scenes – Sport


The defeat 2: 4 in the semi-finals of the cup against YB leaves Basel deep injuries – also due to 3 controversial scenes.

In a 0:3 defeat in the championship almost two weeks ago in Wankdorf, Basel had no chance against YB. Bayern could not have complained of a bigger defeat. In the semi-finals of the Cup, the Baslers were looking for revenge – and sank again (2: 4). But the game could have taken a different path. 3 scenes in particular stood out in the great game:

1. YB penalty – valid or not?

The game begins in St. Jakob-Park with a bang. After a good couple of minutes, Misach Elia fell into the Basel penalty area, the referee Urs Schneider immediately pointed to the point, and Cedric Iten confidently switched to the forward. However, replays show that the penalty kick is not entirely clear cut. If so, FCB goalkeeper Marwin Hitz only touches his opponent as little as possible.

SRF expert Beni Huggel analyzes the scene during half-time as follows: “Intention is punishable. Elijah falls, so you can certainly award that punishment.”

2. Garcia’s in luck – no eviction

Shortly before the break, YB didn’t have to complain if Ulises García was sent off with a yellow-red card when the score was 2-0. The linebacker who has already been warned can only stop Dan Ndoye off bases. Sneijder whistled for the foul, but declined to show García the yellow card again in the 42nd minute.

3. The ball is in the hands of Montero – no penalty

In the 78th minute, the ball rebounded into the hands of Joël Monteiro after a corner kick. However, Schneider’s whistle fell silent. The video assistant referee was not informed after that. There have been penalties for such acts several times this season. But FCB was denied the opportunity to reduce the deficit to 3: 4 and launch a hot final stage.

“A clear penalty,” commented Heiko Vogel, who was not happy with the referee’s performance after the match.