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Dispute with the United States over French submarines ended

The Atlantic submarine dispute was resolved in the words of EU Foreign Representative Joseph Boral.

Summarize the essentials

  • The EU foreign envoy wants to “look ahead”.

“There was an incident, there were some misunderstandings, there was a lack of communication,” Borel told reporters during a visit to Washington on Friday. “That’s it, it’s over. Let’s see ahead.”

The submarine dispute caused a deep rift between France on the one hand and the United States and Australia on the other. The United States, Great Britain and Australia announced the Indo-Pacific Alliance in mid-September, including the joint construction of nuclear submarines for Australia.

Paris was outraged when Australia canceled a long-planned, multi-billion dollar submarine deal with France. Ambassador Returned to counseling from Canberra and Washington.

Borel supported France at the time. Germany also expressed its solidarity with France.

At the end of September, France had its leaders Emmanuel Macron And his American counterpart Joe Biden They spoke to each other on the phone in the wake of the submarine dispute and agreed to “deep consultations”. After a while the French returned Ambassador Philip Etienne returned to Washington.

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