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Dispute: Online travel agencies remove Ryanair from their offerings

Dispute: Online travel agencies remove Ryanair from their offerings

The low-cost airline has been in dispute with online travel agencies such as Booking and Kayak for a long time. When she won in court, she was immediately dropped from the show. Ryanair says this is a good thing.

The effect is not huge. But it is noticeable. Ryanair expects the load factor in December and January to be between one and two per cent lower than it could actually be. The reason is that online travel agencies such as Booking, Dreams, Kayak, Kiwi, Opodo and Trip have removed flights of Europe's largest low-cost airline from one day to the next.

The boycott of online service providers, known in parlance as OTA (from Online Travel Agency), was preceded by a long dispute. Because they use Flightbox technology. The company scans the Ryanair website and passes this data on. The low-cost airline calls this approach hacking.

“invented” cartoons

The actions of Flightbox and its agents “can be extremely disadvantageous to customers, as not only do they have to pay excessive fees, but they also do not have to access their Ryanair bookings, provide the necessary security declarations, or access refunds or direct email communications that can be received,” the airline said in December. She gave examples. Edreams charges €50 for the suitcase, while it only costs €24.99. Kiwi “invented” a premium service fee that doesn't even exist and charges €30 for it.

Ireland's highest court ruled in favor of Ryanair in December, saying that sweeping and vacuuming the contents contravened Ryanair's terms and conditions. That's why Flightbox should stop doing this. After that, online travel agencies stopped selling tickets to the low-cost airline.

No effect on the result

Ryanair is calm about the boycott and calls the package “welcome”. The affected sales “represent only a small proportion of Ryanair bookings”. The response is to offer more affordable tariffs directly to consumers. The online travel agencies' decision will have no impact on the annual results. People are happy to continue relying on fair online brokers like Google Flights.