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Dispute between Swisscom and Weko: 300,000 fiber-optic connections cut

The dispute between Swisscom and Weko

300,000 fiber optic connections blocked

Due to a missing legal dispute with Weko, the 300,000 fiber optic links already built cannot be commercialized. According to new CEO Christoph Eichlemann (45), Swisscom is working with Weko to find a solution.

The fiber-optic dispute with the Competition Commission (Weko) has serious consequences for Swisscom. “At the end of June, Weko’s ban blocked more than 300,000 fiber-optic links that had been built but could not be commercialized,” new CEO Christoph Eichlemann (45) told reporters on a conference call.

Weko halted expansion based on a mono-fiber model with only one supply line from the telephone switchboard to the street hatch. Swisscom’s appeals against Weko’s ruling failed first to the Federal Administrative Court and then to the Federal Supreme Court. The ban led to the suspension of the partnership with Salt in the expansion of optical fibers.