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Disney releases new Lesbian, Bisexual, Curvy and Impressive characters


The curvy ballerina dances free from the perfect slender beauty in the new Disney movie “Reflection.”

Six minutes of imagination is mind-blowing. In the short film “Reflection” (German: mirror, but also: to think), American media giant Disney relies on its first plus-size heroine. Curvy ballerina Bianca has sparked controversy on social media. Like many of her contemporaries, she struggles to fall in line with the slender ideal of beauty. Bianca dances freely, overcomes fears and insecurities, and learns to love her body.

“When I was 16, before I quit ballet because I no longer wanted to be the fat girl in class, I needed this movie. I’m glad the little ones have it now,” one Twitter user wrote. She is not alone in her opinion, but there are also dissenting voices. Tiktokerin Linda Dianne says, “It’s clearly not possible to show a plus-size character without her body image talking about the entire movie. For me, it’s one step forward and two steps back.”