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Discussion - Dolphus Platz in Mank: Green is only for new names

Discussion – Dolphus Platz in Mank: Green is only for new names

It’s been in Manke’s since the 1960s: Dr. Dolphus Platz Center. It is now the last place in Austria to be named after the former chancellor who was assassinated by the National Socialists. After the Federal Chancellor abolished democracy in Austria in March 1933 and set up an authoritarian dictatorship. The renaming has already been discussed several times in the past – for example by former SPÖ city councilor Anton Hekkady (NÖN reported).

Now the Dolphus Museum plaza in Teixingtal (see article at right) is once again the focus of public attention. What about the name of the place? “Renaming is not an issue at the moment,” ÖVP Mayor Martin Leonhardsberger explains. But this does not mean that the city does not want to deal critically with Dolphus Platz. Ten years ago, this subject was dealt with with historians, and now Leonardsberger has contacted Alexander Hoyer of the Melker Society “MerckWürdig” to deal with the subject. “You have to put the square in a historical context,” says Leonardsberger.

Debate also in New Urban Studies

On the other hand, it should be done in “City Studies”. The detailed text deals with the history of Mank and will appear in the near future. On the other hand, the mayor can imagine adding additional information, such as a plaque, directly to Dollfuss-Platz. “For example a QR code contains more detailed information,” explains Leonhardsberger.

For SPÖ City Council member Martin Sommer, “it will be over” if the topic is treated as planned in City Studies and additional information is attached to the box itself. In general, FPÖ consultant Karl Frühauf has no problem naming the arena: “The square has been called that long ago and it should stay that way.”

Tim Othey of the Greens sees things very differently. In my view, this should have been clarified a long time ago. Now is a good chance the topic is thriving in Texing.” What does Uthe mean by “modification”?” “In my view, the venue should definitely be renamed,” says Mandate Green, whose keeping even with a dashboard or something similar is an “option.” Alternatively, the opportunity can be used to commemorate the merits of a woman of mank with the arena.

Alexander Hauer assures that a scientifically oriented operation will be started for the Melker Alpine slopes, where the Dolphus Platz in Manck will also be illuminated. Hauer will oversee this process, which should also begin with a broad discussion. “It should be approached without taboos. Now is an opportunity to openly approach a part of Austrian history,” says Hauer, describing this approach. The starting injection should be given in the first few months of 2022. Hauer expects the regeneration process to take about a year.