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Discord streaming setup: How to start your own live broadcast

How do I stream videos?

Discord streaming is a quick way to set up your own live broadcast. We reveal how to stream via computer or smartphone.

One click is enough for you discordStart the live broadcast. You are already inspiring hundreds of viewers online with your hobbies, such as video games. Exactly as stated above Youtube And the Twitter You can build a web presence and become a known streamer by broadcasting discord.

Low entry barrier. A few clicks are enough to start your live broadcast on Discord. All you need is proper streaming equipment (camera and microphone). Then you can start:

Streaming quality from Discord on smartphones

Keep in mind that streaming via smartphone may not be as good as streaming live from a computer.

Discord: Internet line requirements

In order for your live streams to be transmitted properly, you must have a file stable internet connection at an appropriate speed. Depending on the quality with which you want to send the material to the Internet, your Internet connection should be between 3 and 10 MB / s.

To stream on Discord in HD quality (1080p, 60fps), you need a paid image Discord Nitro MembershipWhich costs €10 per month or about €100 per year. Although you get some other benefits in addition to HD streaming, membership is not only worth it for better quality live streaming.

Discord, Twitch YouTube: The Right Streaming Platform

Discord offers you a fast and uncomplicated way to livestream games in particular. The streaming platform is also suitable for other transfers (eg tutorials in which you show something on your computer screen). Do you want to introduce yourself in front of your webcam? Twitter And the Youtube However, the best option.

a Live broadcast on Twitch On the other hand, it provides more options to customize your appearance as a streaming device. This includes a customizable channel page and various functions for interacting with viewers.

On the other hand, if you already have your own YouTube channel, which you also fill with videos, you are better off creating one. Set up a YouTube live. There you have the opportunity to quickly and easily interact with viewers who are already fans of your videos.

Streaming with discord and a limited audience

With Discord, you can set up small live streams quickly and automatically. However, you will not reach a large target group with it, as you can only be seen with your software within your server group. So the controversy is over the streamers buffs.

If you aspire to land a job as a professional broadcast operator or want to reach new viewers with your content, then YouTube and Twitch are better streaming platforms for you.

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