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“disaster!”  Nagelsmann complains about Frankfurt Square

“disaster!” Nagelsmann complains about Frankfurt Square

The German team also managed to defeat the Netherlands in a traditional duel. After the 2-1 win, national team coach Julian Nagelsmann was positive Summary of last week. But he also complained about the space available in Frankfurt. Sounds for the game.

Julian Nagelsmann (ZDF)

About last week:

“It's been a really great 10 days with the team. It's a very good spirit, you can feel it. The difference from previous weeks and measures is that we want to win a game like this and see that we are giving our best in it. The stadium was a bit quiet at times, and then we woke them up again.” The fans pushed us to win the match again.

“Today's match was more challenging than it was against the French because the Netherlands' versatility was exceptional, especially in the build-up of the attack. This is also a very good game to analyze towards the European Championship. What we do well is defend deep with a lot of activity and win the ball a lot. We had more preparation, but we created more chances with the ball today.

About space:

“Unfortunately the place is a disaster. Really a disaster. There were many situations in the final third where we slipped away. Especially Jamal who unfortunately did not have a good position with his hooks. This is not a good ball (From MittelstadtNo doubt, but the situation is difficult there too. On a regular pitch, Jonah (Jonathan Tah) gets the back pass.

On solidarity in the DFB team:

“The team spirit is very good. It's a good mix of players who accept a non-playing role and still give everything they can when they come into the team. When I see Volnes today, he did it very well. David Raum, Benny Henriques, Pascal Gross had them.” “A huge impact on the match. The substitute's role is equally big, and I felt a great deal of acceptance from everyone.”

About Maximilian Mittelstadt:

“Positioning in front of goal is being practiced and we have a lot of good footballers on the side. In the end, Maxi Mittelstädt's campaign is exactly what I wanted to see! Everyone said he hasn't played any international matches yet, maybe it's too early. He makes a mistake, scores a goal Then he plays a great game again – a very good player, a lot of ambition, a lot of strength, and a big man too. He's good for us!

Toni Kroos (ZDF)

“I think we carried the momentum well again today, even though we didn't start the game well. This is of course a great test and shows that the team is still gaining self-confidence since the last game. A few months ago we might have collapsed after losing 1-0, but this “It didn't happen. The good news is that we showed two very good test matches here, the bad news is that we didn't get any points in the tournament.”

Regarding his role in the team:

“I think a certain charisma is important in order to bring a certain self-image to actions and convey self-confidence. I think I'm capable of that, but certainly not alone. This spirit has to come from the whole team and I think we showed it here.

About increasing performance:

“Anyway, something happened last week that wasn't there before. I hope we can take that into the tournament,” he added.

Niklas Volkrug (ZDF)

About the win over the Netherlands:

“We had to put in a lot of effort today. I also noticed that we had been playing for three days. However, we played with great concentration and, in my opinion, defended well. One or two slips on the pitch today could not have been prevented. You can see “Consistency and security in performance that we may have lacked. This does not derail us if we concede a goal.”

About emerging orgasm:

“I always walk with humility. I think it's good to have different personalities in the team. Others might be a bit more exploratory. We played against two very good teams, both of whom played with very good squads. Either way, we will go into the tournament with high expectations of “We are looking forward to it very much. I noticed how quickly this atmosphere changed. Some changes were necessary, and I think Tony also contributes to that. The most important thing is that we had two successful matches.”

Regarding his perception of competing in the storm:

“Good, positive. The more players in shape, the better. I'm very relaxed about it, sometimes just ten or 20 minutes is enough for the attackers. Today the substitutions gave us new spirit in attack.

Maximilian Mittelstadt (ZDF)

On achieving his dreams:

“Yes, I think so. When I was a little kid, you dreamed of this and I achieved this dream on Saturday and now I am continuing to achieve it. There is still an indescribable feeling. Today was also my first home match with the German national team, and in addition to winning, it cannot be It would be better.

About his mistake before receiving the goal:

“Of course it was unfortunate before the 1-0 win, but I think without looking for excuses, the pitch was not in the best condition and we often slipped away. But that shouldn't happen. The important thing is that I kept moving forward and didn't let it bother me and I culminated with a goal. “I am very happy that I made amends for the team after the mistake. In the end, the win, of course, was wonderful.”

About emerging orgasm:

“I think you can see today that we kept playing after losing 1-0, we didn't let anything bother us and we still played a good game and created chances. I think the fans also noticed that something is starting to click and the euphoria is building and we are of course giving everything we can.” To prepare ourselves in the best possible way and then play the perfect European tournament.

Joshua Kimmich (ZDF)

An overview of the development of the national team:

“The mood last fall was very bad. Now we have won twice. It was good for us to beat France and come from behind to win today. We now have to take this self-confidence with us into the tournament.

Rudi Völler (ZDF)

On the rising euphoria of emerging markets:

“We have to stay humble. We haven't painted too much of a gloomy color after the last three defeats. Now we're not going to stop working. We'll take this with us with optimism, but we'll also give a little warning. The most important thing is that now you believe in your own strength again. You've seen that now.” Against two great teams – for me, France is still the European Championship favorite or among the favorites – and we not only kept up with them, but also beat them. Of course, in the group stage there are different opponents in the group, so the style of play will definitely be some different The thing. But it was really good after the last few months to go into the break with two wins.

Jamal Musiala (AZ)

About last week:

“We had a lot of fun, including the training days. We have to keep the momentum going and everyone has to stay healthy. The mood was really good. But we know we shouldn't look too far ahead.”

About space:

“I felt like I was sliding every time I moved. I do a lot of turns so it has to be a bit stable. It can be a bit slippery, but it's as dangerous as it gets.”

Matthias de Ligt (ZDF)

About the defeat against Germany:

“It is of course difficult to lose 2-1 by two goals in such situations. I think Germany had some extra chances, and we had ours as well, but we didn't take all of them. In the end 2:1 is the difference.”

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