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Dimling - Apprenticeship Competition: 2nd place for Manuel Weber

Dimling – Apprenticeship Competition: 2nd place for Manuel Weber

Process technology intern Manuel Weber was not expecting this: he was on an apprenticeship exchange in Italy when a call came in from home – the TE intern achieved second place in the Lower Austria apprenticeship competition in the industrial section in the Process Technology category.

The competition was held at the end of March, but the announcement of the results took place only recently, so the topic of Manuel Weber was no longer “on the screen”. For TE-Connectivitiy, this is the second success in a short period of time. Only in the month of June Lila Gruber and Alina Ostreicher won the junior class in the “The Apprentice Hack Athena” – NÖN reported.

“We send interns to apply every year and we support them personally as well, but we don’t go as hard as some of the other companies. Winning isn’t so important to us, it’s about being there,” notes coach Robert Winich.

A relaxed approach without pressure pays off

Manuel Webber handled the matter with such a relaxed attitude. Each participant was given the same task, which consisted of making a workpiece, drawing a pie chart, and creating an electropneumatic test stand. A total of eight hours are available for this.

“I said to myself, ‘This is going to work,'” Webber set to work. Because making a tool under the pressure of time is tricky, trainer Winnish notes. However, this situation can happen again and again in everyday working life, and the competition is a good opportunity to see what reserves you can muster yourself in such a situation.

Without gaining pressure, Weber completed all assignments and then focused on a month-long apprenticeship exchange in Tuscany, working for Tecno Lamiere, which mainly manufactures coffee machine parts.

“It was an interesting experience. Here we are used to working with high safety standards, and in Italy you see it more relaxed,” says Weber.

Expeditions to Pisa, Florence, and the sea were the highlight of the stay, and success in competition was a nice addition on the cake: “I didn’t even think of that,” Weber laughs.