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Dilapidated football stadium - Public authorities fund the renovation of St. Jacob's Stadium - News

Dilapidated football stadium – Public authorities fund the renovation of St. Jacob’s Stadium – News


21 years after the new building, “Joggeli” is in need of renovation. The owners want to pay the cantons.

Twenty-one years after the opening of FCB’s main stadium in St. Jacob, it really needs to be renovated again. According to officials, the costs are estimated at 50 million francs.

The large plastic elements that surround the stadium have particularly suffered over the past two decades. It looks like they’re being hit hard. However, it was already known during construction that it would have to be replaced again.



An aerial view of the current stadium in 2007, six years after it opened.

Keystone / Gitan Bali

The stadium after the renovation will look different than it does today. Plastic elements that resemble air cushions are replaced. Instead, there are photovoltaic blue diamonds and a red circle, which should make Joggeli “the most beautiful stadium in Switzerland” in the future, says Collaborative Vice President and Project Director Raymond Kron.

New visitor guidance, more cervelat parking

Visitor guidelines should also be new, so that fans of the two camps are better separated, which means fewer police forces per match.

Finally, the main platform will be expanded to accommodate more refreshment kiosks. When the stadium is somewhat full, it takes a long time in the current stadium for all visitors to get a beer and sausage.

unclear financing

50 million francs in renovation costs – this weighs on the stadium’s owner, St. Jacobs Park Co-op. She can only contribute about five million. The remaining 45 million francs will be contributed by the cantons of Baseland and Basel-Stadt. The stadium officials announced this frankly.

In the first reactions, the two governments reacted differently to the request in terms of chromaticity.

Joggeli is an important meeting point. So we welcome the initiative.

The cantonal government of Basel-Stadt wrote: “Joggeli is a very important meeting point in the region, and also has a national appeal. That is why we welcome the initiative to take Joggeli a step forward.” It will now be examined whether and how the project can be supported.

The Basel government only writes that the matter is under consideration. Leave open whether she thinks the project is good or bad.

unclear opportunities

The financing of stadium affairs by the public sector in Switzerland is rather difficult, in Zurich and Aarau the construction of the corresponding new stadium has been banned for years. It may be a little different in Basel, because in no other city there are as many people associated with a football club as in Basel.

However: in the comment columns in the local media, the reactions were largely negative. One is disturbed by the fact that the office of architects Herzog and de Meuron has already been considered ready for conversion or wonder whether the state’s task is really to support a football club whose players earn X times as much as the rest of the population. .