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Dieter Rudolf: 12th place in the Red Bull Romaniac! | News 2022

Dieter Rudolf of Lower Austria established a good starting point for what is now the fourth “Red Bull Romanian”. In the legendary in-city lead in Sibiu, the X-GRIP Racing team driver managed to secure 12th place on Tuesday – and that’s also the starting location when the first of four long off-road stages begins on Wednesday.

In a sweltering heat, Dieter Rudolph entered the grand final in fifteenth place. And in the final, he even managed to get a few places in Husqvarna. In the end, twelfth place was more than Dieter Rudolf had expected.

Dieter Rudolf: “The two qualifying rounds went really well. Of course I tried to push. But at the same time I tried to be a little safe and not to crash. In the final I got off to a really good start. After that, I briefly got into a duel with Michael Walkner and Graham Jarvis and managed At first from getting there. But at the end of the lead I had to avoid another driver on an obstacle with oversized tires and stuck myself in. There Jarvis and Michael Walkner again passed me. Then I tried to cross again against Graham Jarvis. Unfortunately, that didn’t work Then I made sure I could manage my strength. And because it was incredibly hot, you have to keep your wits about you in these circumstances very well. In the end I was 12th, right behind Graham Jarvis. This score suited me well. If I was If you thought the whole elite solid enduro is here, this is a really good place for me. Now I’m really excited to see what my first day of off-road driving will bring. Anyway, I’m super excited.”

Text: Photo: Dieter Rudolf Facebook