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Dieter Bohlen surprised by the return!

Dieter Bohlen surprised by the return!

Nobody expected it: On Saturday evening, Dieter Bohlen opened his mouth with an appearance in the finale of “DSDS”.

The basics in brief

  • RTL expelled Dieter Bohlen from the “DSDS” jury.
  • The pop titan was finally replaced by Florian Silbereisen.
  • Now Bohlen is back on screen.

A big surprise in the “DSDS” final on Saturday evening: Former Chief Justice Dieter Bohlen (68) spoke via video message!

Shortly before the first live show, the pop giant appeared on screen. Bohlin, who is known for his bad sayings, left only kind words from him: “I wish you all the best for tonight, to make your dream come true. Exactly like Pietro Lombardi At that time – I wish you all the same day.”

Not only did he congratulate Bohlen, but he also had tips in his bags. “It’s very simple: be yourself and don’t pretend,” he said. “Balrt and show what you’ve got. Everyone loveYour dieter. “

Oops! No one expected such a visual message on “DSDS”. It looks as if Bohlen was kicked out of the jury casting show dealt with.

RTL kicks Bohlen off ‘DSDS’ jury

Last season, the station ended RTL Absolutely surprising collaboration with a music producer. The reason: His bad words did not fit with the station’s new, family-loving orientation.

Then Bohlen played the humiliating liver. He skipped the end, hit the star Florian Celebrezen (40) He had to stand up to him. He is also the one who assumed the position of Chief Justice this year.

However, Silbereisen did not convince viewers. The spectators roared: “This hurts so much, so kind.” “Dieter, we miss you,” she wrote.

Then the ratings fell. Insiders even speculated whether RTL Bohlen will return to save the show. It probably won’t stop with a video message.

Should Dieter Bohlen return to the ‘DSDS’ jury?

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