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Diesel dispute deal: VW pays 227 million euros to British customers

Diesel dispute deal: VW pays 227 million euros to British customers

As of: 05/25/2022 6:51 pm

In the largest class action case ever brought before an English court, VW agreed to a settlement: the panel awarded compensation to approximately 91,000 plaintiffs affected by the emission data handled.

During the diesel controversy in Great Britain, Volkswagen agreed to pay 193 193 million (approximately 7 227 million) to its customers. The panel announced that out-of-court settlement had been reached with about 91,000 plaintiffs in England and Wales.

Two years ago, the British judiciary basically granted VW customers the right to compensation. At the time, the High Court in London found that the installation of VW illegal software on vehicles sold in Great Britain was proven to reduce emissions during pollution tests.

The process is expected to begin next year

The case, which is set to go to trial in London High Court in January 2023, is believed to be the largest class action case to be brought before an English court. As part of the settlement, no liability, cost cause or loss was made, the panel emphasized in a joint statement with the plaintiff.

At the same time, VW apologized to its customers for installing the manipulation software and announced that they wanted to regain their trust.

1.2 million cars were affected in the UK

In September 2015, VW admitted to using illegal software on eleven million vehicles worldwide.

In Great Britain, a total of 1.2 million vehicles belonging to Volkswagen brands VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda were affected.