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Diamond League: Mihambo long jump - Storl penultimate

Diamond League: Mihambo long jump – Storl penultimate

Status: 10/06/2022 2:01 p.m.

Olympic long jump champion Malaika Mihambo had to concede defeat for the first time this season at the Diamond League meeting in Rome.

The track and field athlete from LG Kurpfalz came in at 6.79 meters with her best attempt and finished second. Mihambo did not hit the jump in the Olympic Stadium with sufficient accuracy and thus lost more distance.

Deputy world champion Marina Beach Romanchuk from Ukraine won 6.85 metres. Third place goes to Quinsha Borks of the United States of America, with a distance of 6.77 metres. In Birmingham, Mihambo has already crossed the seven-meter mark this season with 7.09 metres.

Storl in low form

Still far from his best is David Sturl’s shooting racket. The former world champion was only eighth and penultimate with 20.10 metres. The victory went to Olympic silver medalist Joe Kovacs of the United States, who had the longest running in the competition at 21.85 metres.

Due to back problems, Storl did not participate in outdoor competitions last year and did not participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The normal for the world championships on July 15 in Eugene, USA is 21.10 metres. The European Championship will follow in Munich on August 15.