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DHB women win the final match over USA 2-0

DHB women win the final match over USA 2-0

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German women's hockey won the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in India. © Frank Uelenbrock/DPA/archive photo

German women's hockey was able to participate in the Olympic Games and won the qualifying tournament.

Ranchi – After successfully qualifying for the Olympic Games, German women hockey players also won the qualifying tournament in India.

Coach Valentin Altenburg's team beat the United States, which also qualified, 2-0 in the final, thus ending the tournament undefeated. Jette Fleschütz and Sonja Zimmermann scored DHB's choice goals. In addition to Germany and the United States of America, Japan has also qualified for the tournament, which will be held in Paris this summer.

National coach Valentin Altenburg was very satisfied with his team's performance in a tournament with sometimes adverse conditions and an early qualification for the Olympics with a win over India. “The match gave us a lot for our future together. We faced incredible resistance, not only because of the quality of the Indians, but also because of 15,000 absolutely crazy people pushing their team forward,” the coach said.

“The team did not allow itself to be disturbed by all this, and always gave the next action a chance of success,” Altenburg said. His selection has big plans for the Olympic year. “We want to keep working to become a team that wins big matches,” the 42-year-old said. dpa