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‘Devil Slayer’: A new main image has been released for the second season

as part of »Kimetsu TV Anime New Information Special Announcement« Got a new one today visible key For the upcoming second season of the Shonen series “Demon Slayer” (Japanese: “Kimetsu no Yaiba”) which you can see below.

The second season starts this year

The second season, which is adapted from “Entertainment District Arc” (Japanese: “Yuukaku-hen”), will be produced again under the direction of director Haruo Sotozaki (“Tales of Zestiria”) at the ufotable studio. Akira Matsushima returns as character designer. Japanese voice actors are also regressing to their well-known roles from previous projects.

The new episodes are still scheduled to debut on Japanese television this year. However, no specific date has been announced. Due to the massive success of the “Demon Slayer” brand, the second season will be ending 30 channels (including Fuji TV and Tokyo MX) was broadcast in Japan.

The first season of the 26-part series aired at the same time between April and September 2019. With “Demon Slayer ‑Kimetsu no Yaiba‑ The Movie: Mugen Train”, a sequel was released executing the “Mugen Train” arc named “Mugen Train” In Japanese cinemas on October 16, 2020.

In this country, the series with wakanim And the Animax Available upon request. A disc with German and Japanese audio output was released in four volumes in the anime Mint. The movie has been running since May 20, 2021 German-speaking cinemas to see.

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Tanjirou and his friends accompany demon slayer Tengen Uzui to a recreation area. His spies were supposed to gather information about a demon there… until they all disappeared without a trace. In order to obtain information, Tanjirou and the others have to resort to unusual means. But the devil is already in their wake…

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