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Angriff auf Autos - USA warnen vor Sicherheitslücke bei BlackBerry

Devices will be useless by 2022

Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Blackberry, has announced that devices with internal systems will not be supported from 2022.

The basics in brief

  • As of 2022, devices will no longer be supported by the Blackberry manufacturer RIM.
  • This affects the BB OS, BB10 and Playbook OS platforms.
  • RIM wants to focus on corporate and government clients.

Smartphones and tablets with internal systems will no longer exist since the beginning of 2022 RIM supports the manufacturer Blackberry.

This affects the BB OS, BB10 and Playbook OS platforms. As Swiss IT Magazine explains, citing company information, the devices will be useless. The same goes for Blackberry email addresses. Because then the corresponding server services are also stopped.

In addition to the postal service, this change also applies to other services. This includes Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry Desktop Manager, and Blackberry ID. In addition, there are ESBL and IBL licensing services.

Blackberry devices can be sold again

The manufacturer also explainsThat devices with BB10 and BBOS “will not operate reliably as of January 4, 2022, including data traffic, telephony, SMS and emergency call functionality.”

Because RIM wants to focus on smart security software and services for enterprise and government customers in the future.

The transition to a pure software company has been planned for a long time. According to CEO John Chen, this ended in 2016. I also have The WhatsApp Support for Blackberry operating systems has been discontinued, according to “Swiss IT Magazine”.

Blackberry fans don’t have to completely give up hope: Blackberry devices can be sold again! However, this will not be from RIM and not with Android Equipped as an operating system.

In 2020, the brand was sold to Onwardecurity. Texas Corporation announced 2021 New Blackberry Smartphones NS.

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