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Device and account hacked thanks to a vulnerability

Device and account hacked thanks to a vulnerability

Security researchers discovered a vulnerability in the Amazon Kindle e-reader: with infected e-books, they were even able to take control of the account.

The basics in brief

  • Security researchers have hijacked the e-reader using malicious code in a forged e-book.
  • Meanwhile, Amazon has fixed the vulnerability with an update.
  • Experts do not assume that attackers actively exploited this vulnerability.

security company Check Point Software Techniques He found a Kindle vulnerability: Researchers were able to take over e-readers with infected e-books and even gain access to an Amazon account. Amazon has already fixed the gap with a firmware update, security experts say.

A malware-infected book can be downloaded and viewed in the Kindle Store. Pressing it will activate malicious command lines with root access. can then Kindle device Hack and lock the user’s screen. The attackers had full access to the device and the user account.

Because the malware was also able to read Amazon password. The acquisition was only successful for accounts that didn’t have any Two-factor documentation Enabled. Amazon was notified of the vulnerability in February and closed it with a software update (5,13,5) in April. This is automatically installed on your Amazon Kindle when connected to the Internet.

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