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Developed in Australia, VIRALEZE ™ Nazi Spray is sold by LloydsPharmacy …

Developed in Australia, VIRALEZE ™ Nazi Spray is sold by LloydsPharmacy …


Melbourne, Australia, April 12 / PRNewswire /

UK consumers can again buy VIRALEZE ™, an easy-to-use nasal spray from LloydsPharmacy that will relaunch online and be available in stores soon.

Extensive antiviral testing conducted at the world-renowned Scripps Research Institute in the United States has shown that VIRALEZE is highly effective in intercepting and preventing the broad spectrum of cold and respiratory viruses.

VIRALEZE செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது is registered in more than 30 countries worldwide and the company plans to launch the product in additional markets.

VIRALEZE ™ is supported by numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presented data at CROI’s leading international antivirus conference earlier this year.

Dr. Starpharma’s CEO Jackie Ferley said: “We are pleased to launch Starpharma’s innovative VIRALEZE ™ Nazi Spray in the UK with LloydsPharmacy’s comprehensive online and retail network. VIRALEZE குறிப்பாக is especially effective during the winter cold and flu season due to its ability to inhibit and intercept a wide spectrum of cold and respiratory viruses. Extensive antivirus testing on Scripps shows that SPR7013, the active ingredient in VIRALEZE, is effective against cold / respiratory viruses within 30 seconds. “

Each spray of VIRALEZE நேரம் lasts for four to six hours and the product can be applied up to four times a day before or after a cold or respiratory infection. The product is recommended for situations where you may be exposed to cold or respiratory viruses.

A spray in each nostril creates a physical barrier in the nasal cavity where the density of receptors that attach to the respiratory virus is high and the virus infection is high.[1]

The body’s barrier to VIRALEZE in the nasal passages traps and blocks mucus / respiratory viruses, helping to reduce their attachment, multiplication and spread – then allowing the body’s natural defenses to destroy the virus from the body.

VIRALEZE ™ has a number of unique advantages, including its wide spectrum, rapid action and the ability to intercept cold / respiratory viruses before and after exposure – thereby creating a physical barrier against cold and respiratory viruses in the nasal cavity.

You can buy it online at VIRALEZE Can be found and commercially available soon.

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