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Details of the agreement are unknown - Burgner and Dejene agree to own FCB - Sport

Details of the agreement are unknown – Burgner and Dejene agree to own FCB – Sport


Bernhard Burgner and David Degen settled the share transfer disputes in FC Basel on Monday. The club wants to provide detailed information on Tuesday.

In the dispute over a majority of stocks in FC Basel, there was a turnaround on Monday afternoon. Chairman Bernard Burgner and former professional David Deegen agreed “after many constructive discussions in favor of FC Basel about the ownership structure of FC Basel Holding AG,” according to the FCB media release.

Consequently, the date scheduled for Tuesday before the Civil Court in Basel is not set.

More information only on Tuesday

Basler has not provided any information yet about the details of the agreement between Burgener and Degen. On Tuesday at 3 PM, FCB wants to report on the future in St.Jakob Park. According to unconfirmed information from Basler Newspaper A new era looms with Deggin as the future owner – without Burgener.

Burgner, who owns 80 percent of the holding company, is said to have planned to sell FCB to a British investment fund (Centricus) via a postal company in Basel (Dream & Vision AG). Deggin wanted to prevent this according to his own statements and announced at the end of March that he would acquire the majority of the shares in the holding company for 16.4 million francs and thus become the new major shareholder. The former Bayern player relied on a right of pre-emption, which Burgner did not accept.