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Destiny 2 - Dawning Christmas event launches

Destiny 2 – Dawning Christmas event launches

Bungie is kicking off Destiny 2 today with the start of their Christmas event “rise”, which guardians should not miss. Eva Levante is back in the tower again to help everyone bake delicious dishes from questionable ingredients.

novelty this year dawn It is the event card that allows players to complete various challenges to unlock rewards, including badges, shaders, and alien spirits.

Destiny 2 – Dawn

Event Cards can also be upgraded with Silver to unlock Exotic Ghost, Exotic Sparrow, a new emote, and more. Guardians who want to go the extra mile will earn a Star Baker Stamp and title by completing all challenges of the event map.

In addition to Stasis Snowballs, you also get the Legendary Pulse Rifle Stay Cool PR7, which will help you find ingredients. Dawning cosmetics will be available in the Eververse Shop during the event, including new armor ornament sets for each class. Also, until the end of the Seraph season, players can participate in Moments of Triumph while preparing for the next expansion Destiny 2: Lightfallwhich will be released on February 28, is in full swing.

that dawnThe event runs until January 2, 20223.