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“Der Bergdoktor”: “Hans should never find out” – Martin confides in his mother

Meanwhile, the Martin family is more interested in Gruber’s milk future. Martin fights back when help comes from Sonia’s father. He appeals to his brother Hans that a boundary has been agreed between Grubers and Pflugers. “Do you know Martin,” says Hans, “At the end of the day, it’s all about why you feel so upset.” And he gives the answer himself: “Because we have so far managed to keep Sonya out of our lives.” Hans forgave Martin for what happened at the time: “I slept with a woman after St. John’s Day, Lily as a result. It wasn’t all the English way good, but…”

It becomes clear at the end of the episode that Hans only knows part of the truth. Martin seeks a conversation with Lisbeth: ‘Mom, you lied to Hans all along. It wasn’t just with Sonya once, Mom. It was all summer.’ Hans has been fooling us all summer.” Even if he did not know that Lily was his daughter, the deception went further: “I asked Sonya if she would come to New York.[…] And she said yes. We almost succeeded. Shocked Lisbeth, the only thing she can think of is: “Hans must never find out!” “

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