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Departure in TSV 1860: Sports coach Gorenzel in the carriage buckle

Munich – It might be crowded right now and it’s not very pleasant to be in Günther Gorenzel’s skin.

“Despite several rounds of negotiations and a very good offer from the Lions, Yannick finally decided to choose another club,” the Austrian had to explain on Tuesday via Deichmann’s Sixty website and “respect” a bitter departure.

Deichmann thanks the TSV 1860 fans

Dishman himself said: “My move from the far north to the south was more than worth it. In the last couple of years I’ve managed to emerge as a regular at a great club and develop personally”. He also thanks the “loyal and enthusiastic fans for two fantastic years with many great experiences”.

“It was a shame we didn’t achieve the common goal,” said the 28-year-old. The fact that he attached Sechzger’s slogan “Once a Lion, Always a Lion” to his manifesto and still left, shouldn’t please many 1860 fans.

TSV 1860: Gorenzel must put together a new team with a smaller budget

However, the Lions’ sporting director has to grapple with the monumental task of putting together a more (even!) stronger team on a budget nearly two million euros less in order to sustain the (desperate) promotion ambitions of many of the Six. – She’s alive.

Even Gürnzl can ask himself: How is that supposed to work?

Deichmann’s lead lion is departure number nine in the 1860’s

Gorenzel is, if you will, in a transport trap. Leit-Löwe ​​Deichmann, who was supposed to take over a leadership role and captain’s armband in the 2023/24 season, has instead chosen his former sponsor Michael Köllner, a much higher salary and possibly better prospects for FC Ingolstadt.

1860 had eight left in the last home match against Mannheim (3:1), Dishman is number nine. Görnzl’s defeat, though, should be said in fairness: given the given circumstances, it’s hard to avoid.

Fillies, Lions or Schanzer: Where does TSV 1860 Leandro Morgalla and Marius Wörl's talent journey go?

After Deichmann’s farewell in TSV 1860: Which lion leaves the herd as …


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Hasan Ismaik canceled his scheduled visit to Munich.  (archive photo)

Investor 1860 will not come after all: Hasan Ismaik cancels his visit to Munich


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TSV 1860 bloodshed: In addition to Deichmann, many regulars say goodbye

Captain Stéphane Leix, defender Simi Belkahia, top scorer Marcel Barr and Deichmann: all these players who have left the club could have helped in the future if they were at full strength and had the proper form.

But instead of planning to build a team ready for promotion, TSV has to cut the budget from more than six to 4.5 million. Key word: mini zinger rolls. As a result, the ascent is very far.

The talent of the TSV 1860 Morgalla turned out to be problematic

Also problematic is what should sooner or later pass as a transfer success: the sale of top talent Leandro Morgalla. According to AZ information, interested parties from the Bundesliga, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Eintracht Frankfurt, do not want to spend nearly two million on the young lion’s jewel.

So what do you do with the silverware? Sell ​​Morgalla for a million and loan it back so he can play for at least another year for 1860? A conceivable option, but not very profitable.

FC Ingolstadt also wants to get Marius Wörl, TSV 1860 wants to keep his talent

It is also difficult for young Marius Würl, the lion of the past few weeks: the 19-year-old midfielder could also move to the FCI or the second division and earn significantly more money.

Due to the expiry of the contract term, Sixty is only entitled to training compensation in the lower six figure range. This could be a bad deal for 1860. The Lions hoped the high-flyer would continue his development at Gissing Heights with the prospect of a regular, decently-paid place in the third class.

Too much work for Gorenzel: What happens to failure Martin Kobylanski?

But it could also lead to the same loan option as Morgalla, which would be better than an immediate exit. Gorenzel may also have a slightly higher end bid for Wörl up his sleeve thanks to the money released by Deichmann’s departure.

The future of the lion who remains under contract remains to be clarified: Martin Kobylanski. The Ten hasn’t worked under Köllner, and Jakobacci isn’t counting on the former Brunswick player either. However, the 29-year-old is yet to sign a termination agreement. There seems to be a lot of unpleasant trouble for Gorenzel.