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Denmark’s secret service helped raise awareness of Angela Merkel in the United States

The Danish secret service FE is said to have aided the United States in spying for President Angela Merkel. This is reported by many media. Other German politicians were also targeted by spies.

In a joint search, European television stations and newspapers accused Denmark’s foreign intelligence service of targeting FE politicians. Agents reportedly helped wiretap German politicians to colleagues in the United States.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and NDR, WDR and other “media outlets” reported that the Danish Foreign and Military Intelligence Service (FSWF) had helped the NSA to use the secret hearing center Santa Garden near Copenhagen. . “Sunday. Accordingly, there is an important Internet hub for various submarine cables, which are tapped by secret services.

The Danish government is said to have been aware of the cooperation with US officials since 2015. In the so-called “Dunhammer Report”, the company’s own spies wrote about how far international cooperation goes. Its background is the expressions of the whistleblower Edward Snowden Was. Danish Defense Minister Train Bramson, who has been in office since June 2019, was informed of this in August 2020. He told the broadcaster that “proper wiretapping of close associates” was unacceptable.

The report also said which politicians were being spied on. Above the list: Chancellor Angela Merkel, Today’s federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier And the SPD’s candidate for president at the time, Pierre Steinbruck.

Steinbrock told Togolese that he considered the revelations “political corruption.” They showed that intelligence services “have their own lives.”

The federal government knows nothing

An unnamed spokesman for the federal government told Takesha that the facts could only be ascertained through investigations. Federal President Steinmeier is also unaware of the actions of Danish neighbors.

In 2017, Der Spiegel said that the federal prosecutor’s office had provided no evidence that he had been spied on by US intelligence services in Germany. Snowden now wrote on Twitter: “Look back at this story and wonder if this decision was free from political influence.”

With software “XKeyscore“Intelligence services can filter information from large data streams, which may also come from the Danish language. Intelligence For use. Their own government and even Danish companies are said to have been targets. When relevant information came to the public in 2020, the head of the FE, along with others, had to resign. He really should have been the ambassador to Germany.

That American NSA Spying on German politicians and companies came to light a few years ago. However, it is not known if Denmark helped their American counterparts.