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Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives

Washington Such a result was predicted — though the Republican majority would be much narrower than expected. And in the crucial Senate, Democrats are in charge. With a divided Congress, it will certainly be difficult for Biden to govern over the next two years. Additionally, Republicans may be investigating Biden and his policies.

Tight results in midterms

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and a third in the Senate were up for grabs last Tuesday in “midterm” elections in the middle of Biden’s term. Also, important governorship posts were filled in several states. Counting of votes in many races took longer due to close results in some states and electoral features.

In the midterm elections of the US president, his party will receive a reminder. The president himself is not up for election, but a vote on his policies is considered a form of referendum. In terms of domestic policy, Biden has recently added to the country’s inflation, among other things – particularly rising fuel prices that have fueled discontent. Even before that, Biden had to contend with dramatically poor poll numbers.

Election predictions did not come true

Before the election, it was predicted that the Republican Party would win and the Democratic Party would lose. But neither happened. Instead, Democrats overall did unexpectedly well.

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They had a majority in the Senate – which is especially important because important personal details at the federal level – ambassadors, cabinet members or federal judges – are confirmed there. So Biden remains committed to the prospect of making more recommendations in the second half of his term. However, losing control of the House of Representatives could cause embarrassment for the president over the next two years.

With their newfound power in the House of Representatives, Republicans can block future legislation at will. Both houses of Congress are engaged in legislative work.

The House of Representatives is important in budgetary matters

The House of Representatives is very important when it comes to budget issues. Republicans have threatened to block a debt ceiling hike or financial aid to Ukraine. Observers see this as merely a means of extracting concessions from Democrats elsewhere. However, plans that are usually decided across parties will be more difficult for Biden to carry out.

Republicans have also threatened to launch various congressional investigations against Democrats, such as the situation on the Mexican border, the FBI’s search for former Republican President Donald Trump, or the actions of Biden’s son, Hunter. They can also initiate impeachment proceedings against cabinet members. By doing so, they could make life difficult for Biden and his administration over the next two years.