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Democrat leader vows to legalize marijuana in US Senate – Brenza Latin

In an interview with the Politico digital portal released this Saturday, Schumer said he would stay in touch with the White House president to “tell him how my ideas for cannabis use came to be.”

Schumer, however, warned that the Senate would pursue the initiative, despite Biden’s opposition to full legislation, and asked the President to take some time to assess the matter.

Schumer initially opposed the federal legalization of marijuana, but in a Politico interview he acknowledged that his ‘thinking had evolved’, and in 2018 he “became the first member of the Democratic leadership to come forward to support a ban.”

When the first states, such as Oregon and Colorado, wanted to legalize the plant’s consumption, opponents predicted an increase in the drug, but all worked out better, measuring those areas as supporters predicted.

Schumacher’s pledge to introduce marijuana law, his home state of New York, this week officially legalized the recreational use of the herb for adults, following the implementation of other states’ measures in recent months.

A group of 30 Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to Biden last week urging him to ‘clarify his employment-applicable policies and disqualify past cannabis use, and to use these policies consistently and fairly’.

Schumer, in an interview released on Saturday, cited a periodical poll since November 2020 in which 68 percent of Americans supported legalization, the highest level the company has ever measured in this regard.

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