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Demi Lovato changed her pronouns again after going out in a non-binary way

The singer feels more feminine again after a non-binary outing

Demi Lovato Changes Her Pronouns Back

Demi Lovato came out as a non-duo in May of last year. Now the singer wants to address the female conscience again and explain why.

Demi Lovato, 29, came out as non-binary last year, making it clear that she doesn’t feel like she belongs in any gender category. Since then, the pop star has wanted to be addressed in English in the plural in the third person, i.e. the gender-neutral pronoun “they” rather than the masculine “he” or the feminine “she”. Lovato has now changed pronouns again.

Lovato explains on the Spout podcast, “I’ve recently been feeling more feminine again, so I’ve embraced ‘he/she’ again. For a long time, the female pronoun didn’t fit the former Disney star.” Balanced between females and males.