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Deliver Us Mars - Announcing a sequel to the sci-fi adventure

Deliver Us Mars – Announcing a sequel to the sci-fi adventure

After the terrestrial satellite in We gave up on the moon Wired Productions is blasting farther into space and is now aiming for Mars. We gave up on Mars It was announced at the Future Games Show last night and will be available soon.

exactly like We gave up on the moon (Our reviewPlayers can expect an atmospheric adventure, which is perhaps more extensive than the original. This time around, even graphical highlights like ray tracing and complex effects are promised on the new consoles.

As for the game itself, ten years after the Fortune mission, humanity is said to be closer to annihilation than ever before. After a mysterious distress call from Mars, Zephyr and her crew follow the Signal on their journey to the Red Planet and attempt to recover the ships of the ARK colony that the mysterious Outward stole in order to ensure human survival.

To do so, you will travel from Earth to the surface of Mars, navigating rugged and unforgiving terrain while hoping to unlock the mysteries of Outward. It takes both intelligence and strength to overcome mental and physical challenges to find ARCs and uncover the motives of those behind the distress call that brought you here.

wired vows with We gave up on Mars Once again, an immersive story experience, exciting gameplay and many handcrafted moments and scenes. Set to music by award-winning composer Sander van Xanten, this is state-of-the-art motion capture, stunning visuals, real-time shadows and reflections, and a tense and emotional narrative powered by Unreal Engine.

Beside We gave up on Mars He is still too PS5 version of Deliver Us the Moon This year.