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Delayed deliveries - EU takes legal action against Astra-Zeneca - news

Delayed deliveries – EU takes legal action against Astra-Zeneca – news

  • In the dispute over the lack of delivery of the vaccines, the European Union Commission has taken legal action against the manufacturer Astra-Zeneca.
  • This was announced by a UNHCR spokesperson.
  • The UK-Swedish vaccine manufacturer responded immediately and denied the allegation of breach of contract.

A spokesperson for the European CEO said: “The terms of the contract were not respected and the company (Astra-Zeneca, D. Ed.) Was not able to develop a reliable strategy to ensure the timely delivery of the cans.” He added that this measure was taken on behalf of the European Union and the 27 member states that “unanimously agreed” to the resolution.

Astra-Zeneca unfortunately responded to the European Union’s announcement. This accusation is unfounded. They abided by the agreement and wanted to defend themselves decisively in court.

Committed to deliver 300 million boxes

British-Swedish manufacturer Astra-Zeneca has drastically cut off delivery of Corona vaccines to the European Union time and time again in the past few months. In the first quarter, only 30 doses were sent instead of 120 million vaccine doses to 27 states. According to the latest information, it is expected that 70 million cans will be produced in the second quarter. Originally, 180 million was agreed.

In the EU Commission’s view, the manufacturer is in violation of the EU Framework Agreement as of August 2020. In total, the EU Commission has ordered 300 million cans of Astra-Zeneca. An option is left for another 100 million unused cans.

The lawsuit after arbitration

The relationship between the EU Commission and the company has been tense for a long time – also because Great Britain has not been affected much by delivery problems. Therefore, the European Union has introduced an export control mechanism. Delivery of 250,000 Astra Zeneca cans from Italy to Australia is banned.

The European Union Commission has already started arbitration with the company. The lawsuit is now the next step. However, this should not change anything regarding delivery backlog.

Four vaccines are approved in the European Union

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A large portion of the vaccine that is currently being injected in the European Union comes from the German-American manufacturer Pfizer / Biontech. In addition to Astra-Zeneca, preparations from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson also have European approval.

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine is now only used on a limited scale in many European Union countries because it has been linked to very rare cases of cerebral venous thrombosis. However, it is still unrestrictedly approved by the European Union Medicines Agency (EMA).