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Defeat for Sommaruga: the gas agreement with Germany may have exploded

A loss for Sumaruga

Nothing will come from the gas agreement with Germany

Switzerland actually wanted a solidarity pact with Germany in order to help each other out in the event of a gas supply bottleneck. Now it’s clear: that should never come.


Robert Habeck met Simonetta Sommaruga and Guy Parmlin at the World Economic Forum and promised them a solidarity agreement.

Simonetta Sommaruga, 62, may have been happy too soon. In March, the Minister of Environment and Energy announced a solidarity agreement with Germany. In the agreement, both countries committed to helping each other in the event of a bottleneck in the gas supply. But he writes that the deal may have collapsed now Daily Gazette.

In May, at the World Economic Forum’s Economic Forum in Davos, things were still promising. There, German Climate Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck (53) met Sommaruga and Economy Minister Guy Parmelin (62). Subsequently, Habek promised such a solidarity agreement.