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Deaths after hurricane - Storm in the Czech Republic kills at least three people - News

Deaths after hurricane – Storm in the Czech Republic kills at least three people – News

  • At least three people have died due to a severe storm in the Czech Republic, according to a spokeswoman for the rescue services on Czech television channel CT.
  • The cyclone, which left a streak of devastation in the southeastern Czech Republic, injured about 200 people – nearly 60 of whom were hospitalized.
  • And on Thursday evening, the storm severely affected seven villages in the region of South Moravia, on the border with Austria – with houses destroyed, roofs covered, power lines knocked down, cars thrown around.

The search for potential buried subjects continued. Hundreds of firefighters go from house to house in devastated communities. Police dogs also helped in the search. More reinforcements made their way from other parts of the country. The army sent its soldiers with heavy equipment.

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Czech radio station CT24 tweeted: “According to meteorologists, it is likely that a cyclone will hit southern Moravia. Locals have captured the storm with photos and videos. The last time a tornado was seen in the Czech Republic was in 2018.”

Many residents of the affected communities are in shock. “Suddenly I heard a strange roar, as if a train was approaching,” an eyewitness told Bravo newspaper. “Then hell began, everything flew around.” Another stated that his house no longer had a roof, a roof or windows.

Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek had a photo on the website of the situation. Talk about a “massive catastrophe.” Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis plans to visit the disaster area this afternoon after returning from an EU summit in Brussels. The government promised to provide quick financial aid to the affected people, many of whom lost their homes.

The deputy mayor of the hard-hit Hrusky, Marek Babisz, reports that half of the place has been razed to the ground. “Only the walls remained, no roof, no windows,” he told CTK.

Hurricanes are rare in the Czech Republic

The CHMU Meteorological Service confirmed it was a hurricane. This is rare in the Czech Republic, where the last cyclone occurred three years ago.

Hurricane leaves a trail of destruction: Valtice Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been damaged by millions. Many window panels in the building are shattered from the 17th century. Damage was also sustained in the Breclaw and Hodonin administrative regions. According to reports on social media, hail has gone down the size of tennis balls here.

The D2 motorway, which runs from Brno to Breclav and then to Slovakia, was closed for hours. A high voltage line fell on the road. In the morning, it was possible to free a lane, and there were traffic jams. About 75,000 homes across the country are still without electricity.