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Deathloop has already received his first anti-stuttering hotfix

Deathloop has already received his first anti-stuttering hotfix

For a week now, fans have been able to play the new shooter game from Arkane Studios. The first Deathloop hotfix is ​​already available.

The basics in brief

  • Deathloop has been available for PC and PlayStation 5 since September 14.
  • Reviews of the game are fairly positive across the board.
  • However, the shooter really needs a first performance hotfix.

A new specialty shooter game has been available from Arkane Studios for over a week. Deathloop was released on September 14 for PS5 and PC, and is a special edition for X-Box Should follow later. However, the PC version in particular has Already with difficulties in performance And stumble struggling.

First live Deathloop hotfix

Various players reported Already late Between mouse input and display while playing. This issue should now be resolved with this small update. However, there are other problems with the game which, according to the development team, are related to stuttering. There should be more fixes for this soon.

Apart from the PC version issues, time loop shooter Really very good. In “Metacritic” the PC version scored 88 points, while the PS5 version managed 89 points. There is no negative evaluation of the game especially from critics.

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