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Dean of Sweden's youngest prince Julian

Dean of Sweden’s youngest prince Julian

Sweden’s youngest royal, Prince Julian, was christened on Saturday.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Julian was baptized at the age of four and a half months.
  • The royal line is number seven in the Swedish line of succession.

Sweden’s youngest prince, Julian, was christened on Saturday. in front of the eyes Royal family gathering The four-and-a-half-month-old son of Prince Carl Philip, 42, and Princess Sofia, 36, has been accepted into the Christian community of Drottningholm Palace chapel.

As can be seen in a photo on the Swedish radio website SVT, Mama Sophia carried the little prince in a white dress over the baptismal font while Bishop Johan Dahlmann performed the ritual.

Reverend Michael Bierhagen and Pope Carl Philip held the little boy’s hands. The altar and the baptismal font are decorated with colorful floral arrangements. To match, Princess Sofia also wore a white dress embroidered with floral patterns.

Number 7 of the line of succession

The third son of Carl Philip and Sophia was born on March 26 in Stockholm. Grandson of King Carl XVI. Gustav, 75, is named after Crown Princess Victoria and her children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar as well as his wife the father And his brothers Alexander and Gabriel number seven in the line of the Swedish caliphate.

Carl Gustaf had a M Herbst In 2019 he decided that some of his grandchildren should not officially belong to the royal family. This means that the descendants of Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher O’Neill, as well as Carl Philip and Sophia, did not hold a royal position. on the highest level You must exercise. Thus, Prince Julian is not part of the royal family and is not considered His Royal Highness, but rather a member of the royal family.

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