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Stichtag nächsten Dienstag: Podcast-Abos von Apple kommen

Deadline Next Tuesday: Apple podcast subscriptions are coming

an Apple It will launch its new Podcasts app subscriptions next week. The introduction of the new functionality, which was already announced in Spring Keynote, has recently been delayed. The reason is that Apple has openly admitted technical difficulties in implementation.

Apple has announced an official start date for offering its podcast subscriptions. In an email sent today to all podcasters who publish their shows on Apple’s podcast platform, the start date is mentioned.

We are excited to share that Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channels will be launched worldwide on Tuesday, June 15th.

So it starts next Tuesday.
Additionally, Apple offers some fairly useful tips in this post for preparing your own premium content for podcast designers.

Apple recently had problems with podcasts

Apple recently had several issues with the Podcasts app: The app was causing some users to experience issues with out of sync loops and other playback issues.

Apple recently had to delay the launch of its new subscriptions, as we did in one of them Early notification informed. You also had to follow the update iOS 14.6 Solve some issues when using the app, reported ذكرت. As justification, the large number of content presented was indicated. With new subscriptions, podcast producers can provide premium content for a monthly fee. Service providers can set prices fairly freely.

Will you pay for premium paid content on podcasts? Share your opinion!

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