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Deadline for SIM card owners, Thailand

Deadline for SIM card owners, Thailand

Photo: EPA/Rongrog Youngrit

BANGKOK: The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has announced a tough measure to curb rampant call fraud. People with more than 100 mobile SIM cards must complete mandatory registration in their name by Wednesday 14 February 2024. Otherwise there is a risk of numbers being terminated.

Holders of six to 100 cards have a slightly longer deadline of July 13, 2024 to verify their registration. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority hopes that this measure will reduce call fraud in the country.

People who do not meet the specified deadline will face a temporary ban and will not be able to make outgoing calls to these numbers. An additional 30 days will be given to comply with the required requirements before the cards in question are permanently deleted.

Registration verification can be performed at any customer service point or through mobile operator applications. NBTC emphasizes that although this measure may cause inconvenience to some customers, it significantly reduces the risk of criminal use or association with fraudulent activities.

According to NBTC data, there are currently about 7 million numbers held by people with more than 100 cards, of which only 1.6 million are registered (as of February 11). The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said that holders of more than five cards have approximately 4 million numbers, of which only about 300,000 have been registered.