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Dead Space Remake Coming in 2023, New Sound Design Details

Dead Space Remake Coming in 2023, New Sound Design Details

Went a few minutes ago Developer’s second livestream to me DeadSpace Remake It came to an end, which was mainly about sound design. It also confirmed that the release is not planned until 2023.

The recording of the live broadcast was then published in several parts. Sound Director Olivier Asselin talks about the cornerstones of modern sound technologies to ensure sounds are properly placed in the game, including realistic re-creation when objects are between protagonist Isaac Clarke and the voice. There are some examples in the video that also mimic the direction the sounds are coming from.

Original audio files from dead space Trawled and partially reused. This also applies to weapons such as the legendary Plasma Cutter or the Shotgun, which now look more muted or upgraded.

Isaac is more real than ever

Sound design also plays a big role for Isaac himself. Here Motive created the ALIVE system (Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialogue, Vital Elements, Annihilation) – various systems intended to make Isaac’s sound more realistic. For example, you now fight more realistically to get air back when you run out of oxygen. In addition, Isaac can speak in the new version, where you write three different types of dialogue depending on the current state – normal, injured or injured.

“The ALIVE system includes all components of Isaac’s breathing, heart rate, speaking effort and dialogue, influenced by various gameplay features.”

Motif Studios

Motive is planning their next developer livestream next May, where they will provide more insights into development. The final version is now aimed at early 2023, because you really want to wow the fans away with the new version and not just impress them.

Finally, some new gameplay scenes are shown that promise a truly successful remake.