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Dead by Daylight: Hollywood star Nicolas Cage comes to the horror title

For many years, the long-running horror game Dead by Daylight has been regularly updated with new content. Soon there will be another notable new player in the game: Nicolas Cage.

Today Behavior Interactive announced the next addition to Dead by Daylight – and that’s quite a thing. Famed Hollywood star Nicolas Cage will soon expand the ranks of the horror title’s playable characters.

Nicolas Cage, an actor, director and producer, will be portraying himself in the title, that is, not acting as another character. He soon joins the survivors in the game, so he must evade the killer’s clutches on the Dead by Daylight tour.

Cage’s activity as an actor is then thematically addressed. After countless awards and more than a hundred films shot all over the world, Nicolas Cage has seen it all and done it all – at least that’s what he thought. While filming the role of his life on set, his performance summons the Entity, a malevolent being of incomprehensible power. The actor soon finds himself in an unfamiliar fog, forced to survive a slew of terrifying killers deadlier than even the most hardened of film critics.

More details about the new content accompanying Cage’s arrival will follow in due course. The character is scheduled for release on July 5, 2023; You can take a look at the first trailer attached.

Dead by Daylight – Nicolas Cage teaser trailer

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage finds his way into the long-running horror game Dead by Daylight.