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De Havilland Canada DHC-515: New firefighting aircraft takes off two years late

De Havilland Canada DHC-515: New firefighting aircraft takes off two years late

Due to the pandemic, De Havilland Canada has postponed the launch of the new firefighting aircraft. There are now the first customers of the DHC-515.

In fact, it was supposed to start in 2020. But due to the epidemic, the company, then called Viking Air, postponed the launch of the new CL-515 amphibious aircraft. It has since disappeared under the Canadian company De Havilland Aircraft.

Because the manufacturer is now called De Havilland, the new plane also has a new name: it’s called the DHC-515. It is based on its predecessor, the CL-415, but features a new digital avionics system, head-up displays and a night vision system in the pilot’s helmet.

Versatile and versatile

According to information previously provided by Viking Air, the flush tanks should hold up to 7,000 liters of water, nearly 15 percent more than the CL-415. Additionally, the DHC-515 should be quickly convertible outside of wildfire season.

Using the search radar, you should be able to track down illegal fishing boats. For rescue operations, it is possible to visualize landing on the water and unloading of the boat and divers. The DHC-515 can also be converted to fight insect pests.

Already the first possibilities

According to de Havilland, there are already first interested parties. European customers signed letters of intent to purchase the first 22 aircraft, according to a statement. The aircraft will be delivered from the middle of the contract.