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DDR5 RAM up to 6400MB/s

With or without lighted heatsink

News / Ariane Krasnicki
Photo: Kingston

With the Fury Renegade and Renegade RGB, Kingston has announced two new memory series that should impress with their high speeds. According to the manufacturer, the RAM bars were developed in close cooperation with well-known brands of motherboards.

Kingston Introduced two new DDR5 memory series with speeds up to 6400MHz. The renegade rage And the Renegade RGB Series Features carefully selected memory ICs paired with Intels XMP 3.0 It should have a high overclocking potential. Both series will be available as a single 16GB unit or as a dual 32GB package. Buyers can also choose between 6000 and 6400 Mt/s Rapid RAM modules.

In any case, a Black PCB Used, which is combined with a black and white aluminum heat diffuser. This provides not only a visual upgrade, but also an improvement in heat dissipation. RGB model also has an adjustable model RGB lighting. There are a total of 16 different light effects to choose from. According to Kingston, the lighting can be controlled via Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome RGB.

Release date is currently unknown

The particularly effective on-board PMIC is designed for Improve energy management worries. Memory modules provide the option to create your own memory configurations and load them via BIOS. Users can create up to two personal profiles.

It is not currently known when the new DDR5 memory modules will appear. And Kingston hasn’t done it yet no details Shared unit pricing. Comparable luminous kits with 6,400 mt/s and 32 clock cycles are currently changing for around €370. Unlit units in this performance class cost about 30 euros less. In a short ad video, Kingston demonstrates how the Fury Renegade RGB glows when installed:


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