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Day: No ban on killer robots – Russia, US and Israel slow down

Killer robots are not banned – Russia, the United States and Israel are slowing down

“Hunter Killer” was used by the US military in Afghanistan.

(Photo: Image-Alliance / p79 / ZUMA Press)

The struggle for clear barriers to autonomous armed organizations – the so-called killer robots – will continue next year. Despite opposition from Russia and other countries, it is not possible to issue a mandate for negotiations on an agreement or any other legal document in Geneva. 125 states have hosted these discussions at the Convention on Traditional Weapons (CCW). You can only decide unanimously. They decided to allow the expert panel set up in 2014 to continue working. Negotiations have no specific goal. Dozens of countries want autonomous weapons to be banned.

  • It’s about systems – rockets or drones, for example – that are not decisively controlled by human hands and, with the help of artificial intelligence, set their vision and learn to attack their own targets.
  • Countries with large arms manufacturers are opposed to sanctions, including Russia, the United States and Israel.
  • Under the coalition agreement, the new federal government seeks to impose an international ban on such weapons.