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Davos clearly failed – Umbry follows Prague in the final

Four times had to concede defeat – the fifth goal fell into Khali’s goal: Sandro Ashliman.Photo: Cornerstone

North Ticino village club Ambri-Piotta qualifies for the Spengler Cup. In the semi-finals, Levantine defeats hosts Davos 5-0 and reaches the final for the first time in its second participation in the tournament.

12/30/2022 at 10:49 PM12/30/2022, 11:08 p.m

Ambry looked compact and clear. From his first 20 shots on goal, Biancoblu scored four against HCD’s flawless goalkeeper Sandro Aeschlimann.

Embry scored 2-0 and 3-0 in special situations. Dario Bürgler, who stormed Davos and Lugano in the Spengler Cup, scored the 2-0 goal with a double advantage. It was the 35-year-old’s third goal of the tournament.

And then the Czech Philipp Schlapek made the preliminary decision, winning 3: 0 (37th place). The other scorers were Brandon McMillan, new signing Nando Eggenberger and Inte Pestoni with an empty netter. Jan Iovonen was the first goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet in the 94th Spengler Cup with 22 saves.

On the Spengler Cup podcast, Swiss player legend Mark Street (ex-Davos, among others) said before the match that Davos should keep the game balanced for as long as possible. From a deficit of two or more goals, the hosts’ exhausted energy budget can become noticeable. That’s how it happened. HCD made an honest effort and had many chances to score themselves. But overall, the agility and dynamics of full energy storage were lacking.

For the fourth straight game in four days, the hosts suffered acid in the legs. Even with longtime indestructible actor Andres Ambul (39), this can be seen in the middle third. In setting up a man-to-man Ambri goal to make it 3-0, the HCD captain lost control of the goal while moving forward. Shortly before that, Ampol had already received an unnecessary two-minute stoppage penalty. A penalty kick taken by Ampol shortly before the end of the first third also fell to the top edge of the bar.

Davos' Dominik Egli, left, and Andres Amboel, during the match between HC Sparta Praha of the Czech Republic and HC Davos of Switzerland, at the 94th Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament in Davos, Switzerland ...

Andres Ambühl witnessed an unfortunate performance.Photo: Cornerstone

After HCD was eliminated, Team Canada, who was eliminated in the quarterfinals, remains the only record winner of the Spengler Cup. The Canadians have won 16 times at Davos so far. The last time Davos won its traditional championship was in 2011. After all, after a winless appearance in 2019, HCD righted itself with victories over Team Canada and IFK Helsinki.

Meanwhile, Umbry can win the fourth title in the history of the club. Although the club has never been Swiss champions, they won three titles in the space of about a year around the turn of the millennium. in Kosice and Berlin the Confederations Cup and between the European Super Cup with a 2-0 win in Wallachia over then-cup champions Metalurg Magnitogorsk. In addition, Leventen won the Swiss Cup in 1962. At least in 1999 it was a finalist. Umbry’s opponent in the final on New Year’s Eve is Sparta Prague.

Ambri fans and the general public look on at Eisstadion Davos during the match between Swiss HC Ambri-Piotta and Swedish Oerebro HK, in the 94th Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament in Davos, Switzerland, on Monday...

Ambri made his fans cheer again.Photo: Cornerstone

Ambry-Piota 5-0 Davos (2-0, 1-0, 2-0)
6,267 spectators (all sold out). SR Nord / Stolc (SWE / SLK), Nyqvist / Sormunen (SWE / FIN).
Portals: 4. McMillan (knifebuilder) 1-0. 16. Borgler (Formenton, Dwarves / Corvi, Weezer disqualified) 2:0. 37. Chlapik (Isacco Dotti disqualified!) 3:0. 48. Eggenberger (Heed) 4:0.58. 0 (inside the empty goal).
punish: 7 times 2 minutes against Ambri-Piotta, 6 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Wieser) plus playing time (Wieser) against Davos.
Ambry biota: juvones. Head, Boren; Isacco Dotti, Saarijärvi; Furler, Zakcho Dottie; Fisherman; Formenton, Gracie, Macmillan; Kneubuehler, Heim, Bürgler; Chlapik, Eggenberger, Spacek; dwarf, joris, spades; Tresconi
Davos: Ashliman. Immediately, Dahlbek; Nygrin, Brandon; Dominic Egli, Pachod; Wellinger. Ampoule, Stransky, Corvi; Sarella, Dirt, Michaelis; Rasmussen, Nordstrom, Pristedt; Roux, Knack, Phaser; Chris Ugli.
Notes: 20. Ampol misses a penalty kick (above the crossbar). (nih/sda)

Spengler’s Cup: Pictures from a long time ago


Spengler’s Cup: Pictures from a long time ago

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