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Dario Maricic is knocked out in an upset Austrian duel – the 12th man

On Good Friday he had it Round 28 Croatian HNL Exciting game progress. in the duel Hajduk Split against Nk Istra there was in 2:2 In addition to four goals, there are also two dismissal goals, one of which is for former Sturm players. Dario Maricek.

There was a lot at stake for both sides as Hajduk could have closed in on leaders Dinamo Zagreb if they had won and it would have been an important three points for Istra in the battle for the international places. Stand next to the house Ivan Lucic And Luke Gregic In the starting lineup, in Istra Maresic. Lucic only moved from Istra to Hajduk Split in the winter.

The match started well for Split too, because the wings Jean Malakar He gave the hosts the lead in the second minute. But this only lasted 17 minutes, then a draw Luca Hujber out of place. Just two minutes after equalizing, the guests finally got off to celebrate when Moncef Bakrar So put it in the lead. Between the 36th and 39th minutes, there were four yellow cards in the intense match, two of them by Grigic and Maricic. In first half injury time, Hajduk managed to score two goals Jean Malakar The 2-2 equalizer going into the first half.

Immediately after the second half, he saw a Split defender Tony Borivkovich The red card after the emergency braking enables Estra to act in majority for a while. However, it was outdated after 79 minutes, and then Maresic was also sent off after his second yellow-red foul. Lukas Grgic didn’t experience it anymore, he was substituted in the 53rd minute.

With this result, Hajduk Split is in second place with 54 points, but it is one match ahead of leaders Dinamo Zagreb with six points. NK Istra is sixth with 36 points, but third place is just two points away in the tight table.