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Daredevil tops the list with Blind Esports taking second place – GBS News

The day started with the first match played on the secluded map where Venom Esports scored 8 kills. Team Vikings and Blind Esports finished second and third with 22 and 20 points, respectively.

Image via Nodwin Gaming, YouTube

The second match of the day was played on the BR Blackout map and Daredevil won that match with 9 executions. Venom Esports put in a good match as they made 15 kills and finished second on the list.

The Vikings finished off an impressive win in Game Three with a total of 21, while Blind Esports had 8 kills and was ranked #2. Despite no kills, Energy was third with 15 points.

It was Daredevils who also finished 14 in Game 4 of the day under his name. Blind Esports and Unity Gaming took second and third places with 16 and 16 points respectively

KGI completely dominated the last game of the day and won it with a total of 05 finishes while Daredevil had 20 kills.

Teams eligible for Battle Royale Grand Finals

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– NODWIN Gaming (NodwinGaming) May 7th

    Below is a list of the teams that qualified for the CODM IND Challenge BR Grand Finals:


    Vikings team

  • E-sports for the blind
    Inevitable team Venom Esports


      KGI . Team

      Xtreme Force

Top 5 players from the BR Qualification 1 Final

call of duty mobile india challenge br qualification 1call of duty mobile india challenge br qualification 1call of duty mobile india challenge br qualification 1Image via Nodwin Gaming, YouTube

Casmoser (Dardevil) – Kill

False (Reckless) – 15 kills

YT Virus (Vikings Team) – 17 kills

  • DG Gaming YT (Vikings Team) – 17 kills
  • Titan (Inevitable Team) – Kills

    Prize distribution

    Call of Duty Mobile India Challenge | Battle Royale Qualifier 1 Final Show = “365 ″>

    The Qualifiers Finals will receive CP Points as a prize pool only and the Grand Finals will offer a prize pool of Rs. lakh to be played on 4 and 5 June 3200. 24,696 CP points will be distributed among the teams as follows:

    reckless –


  • Team Vikings – 8000 CP
    ) Blend Sport – 8000 CB Inevitable team –


    Venom Esports – 8000 CPs

  • game console –

    CP KGI Team – 8000 CP

      Extreme Power – 3200 CPs

    Qualifier 2 of the CODM India Challenge BR will take place from May 20 to May 29 and 8 teams from Qualifier 2 Finals will advance to the Grand Finals. The event will be broadcast live on the official Nodwin Gaming YouTube channel.