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Dare Schwarzenegger: How to Really Make Up - Culture

Dare Schwarzenegger: How to Really Make Up – Culture


Sebastian Hermann

We must speak. Hardly any catalyst system escapes such reliable responses. But don’t worry, Arnold Schwarzenegger will help you: former bodybuilder, muscle actor and machine gunner, and former California governor knows the techniques of getting messages to a stubborn audience. A few weeks ago, he posted a video, where he addressed Russian soldiers to report the atrocities in Ukraine. “But before I talk about the harsh reality, I’d like to tell you about the Russian who became my hero,” Schwarzenegger says. Then he spoke of a meeting with Yuri Petrovich Vlasov, with whom he was allowed to shake hands at the 1961 World Powerlifting Championships when he was 16 years old. He talks about filming in Moscow, meeting people and their similarities. Then he tells about the fate of his father, who was a Wehrmacht soldier outside Leningrad and suffered from his guilt all his life. Schwarzenegger first builds closeness and emphasizes similarities. Only then does the unpleasant part of the message begin: the horror perpetrated by Russian hands in Ukraine.